Financial Help for Single Mothers in Wisconsin

Life is definitely full of struggles which single parents will never run out of. If both parents are working and still find life to be very tough, for single mothers, it is tougher. But every problem has its own solution and in the state of Wisconsin, programs are here to help those who need it.

Fortunately, there are programs that target the needs of single mothers and their children. The state focuses its attention on bridging gaps and providing assistance when and where it is needed.

Assistance for Childcare

The Wisconsin Shares – Child Care Subsidy is a program that helps single mothers pay for childcare services. This is in the light of the fact that these women are not able to concentrate much on their work because they worry about their children especially babies. To keep their minds at peace, the state subsidizes the payment for childcare cost.

Support for Quality Healthcare

Families and single mothers living under the poverty level in Wisconsin can get health insurance coverage through the Medicaid program. Due to some technicalities, however, some may not get approved because they fail other eligibility requirements.

Those who do not qualify for Medicaid can get their children insured instead. This is through the state’s BadgerCare Plus program which is also open to families that do not have Medicaid.

Food Assistance Program

Looking after their kids means providing nourishment for proper growth and development. Through Wisconsin’s FoodShare program, single mothers and qualified families are able to buy the food they want. They are given debit cards which are recognized by participating grocery stores and supermarkets.

For single women with children under the age of 5, they can get additional food support through the Women, Infant and Children program. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Family is another program which is not limited to the purchase of food alone. Since this comes in the form of monetary support, single mothers can use the money to buy food, pay rent or bills, or to seek medical attention, if needed.

Subsidized Rent

A default payment in rent can lead to forced eviction of single moms and their children from their current home. To prevent this from happening, Wisconsin has undertaken a program that offers subsidy on rental payments.

The program also offers single parents and other low income families the chance to move to a more comfortable and affordable living environment or a more secure neighborhood. Housing vouchers and subsidized apartments are also some of the options.

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