Right-wing conservatives just love throwing barbs at single moms; inciting people to believe that this phenomenon is due to the breakdown of family values. Some even go so far as to blame single mothers for the cause of our lackluster economy!

Accusations aside, just what is it that conservatives love painting unmarried mothers as villains?

For starters, conservatives need some way to shift the attention of their constituents away from the failings of the economic institutions.

Remember how Lehman brothers and other big-banks crashed back in ’08? Well, that was caused by their overreaching in subprime mortgaging. They thought it would get them a quick buck by screwing over people with mortgage offers that were dishonest and extremely unaffordable in the later years. The whole thing spun out of control when more people were selling houses than buying; causing the real estate market to crash.

Another reason why conservatives love hitting single mothers is to take more attention away from their policies which killed unions, took out funding from social programs and gave tax breaks to wealthy corporations. No, it would be the feminists, the liberals and the secularists who cause these problems when they break down the “traditional” American family.

And then there is the “irresponsible mom” card that conservatives love to pull out of their sleeves. True, some indeed get pregnant and have children without giving it much thought, but single motherhood does not mean that a mother is by default irresponsible. Struggling and low-income single moms are often highlighted by conservatives, but they fail to note that there are also successful ones who earn a decent living that allows them to provide excellent care for their children as well.

And last but not the least is that these moms just don’t have time to listen to the rhetoric of these conservatives. A lot of them are too busy making a living and working their buns off to give two cents about what some high-and-mighty politician thinks about them. So conservatives can point all the blame they want without having to fear about political backlash.

Well, times are changing. More and more unmarried mothers are joining the ranks of society, and they are getting sick and tired of being the scapegoat of the far-right.

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