Remember New Gingrich’s quip about how black people should ‘start demanding food checks instead of food stamps?’1 Well, he is now defending himself anew by singling out the stereotypical welfare mom – African Americans who keep on making more and more babies to increase welfare benefits.

And bashing illegal aliens who ‘steal’ jobs meant for home-grown Americans, and the wide array of people who collect food stamps because they are ‘too lazy’ to find real jobs.

But this is not a political blog meant to either root for or against Republican candidates. No, Gingrich’s words cut deep into the hearts of single mothers who work their guts out trying to make a living for themselves and for their children.

Do we really need to be reminded that a meagre $133 a month of food stamps could go along way in easing the burdens of single-mother families all over America who have to juggle between family and career every single day of their lives?

It is for this reason that we all have to be aware of the real welfare queens that bleed our reserves dry.

For example, you have well-off college students using federal dollars to take up courses like a Master’s degree in fine arts or in history. These types have enough money to fund their own educational pursuits, but they still manage to get the government to subsidize their loans in courses that are considered luxurious in economically troubled times like these.

Then you have investment bankers that collect seven-figure salaries a year after receiving TARP funds – a massive government bailout to the tune of $700 billion at the height of the recession. Then there are upper-middle class homeowners who spent too much on real estates and now need a government-backed loan modification in order to prevent foreclosure.

And let’s not forget Mr. Gingrich, who managed to receive $1.6 million as a consultant for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – two mortgage companies which he had strongly criticized for causing the collapse in the American economy. It’s a game of he said, she said: Gingrich claims to have warned the mortgage companies of an imminent bubble caused by subprime mortgaging, while another source says Gingrich supported riskier investments at the time.

Yes, there are plenty of welfare queens out there indeed – just not the type who lives in grinding poverty and actually needs government support to survive.


  1. Racism and Food Stamps: Is There a Connection? []

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One Response to “Who Are the Real Welfare Queens of America?”

  1. Joel

    To me the “True American Dream” was that; A. anyone who loekod for a job could have one.. [plentiful job supply]B. anyone who bought a house could find, and buy one at a very reasonable price, and interest rates.C. anyone who worked could afford [with ease!] good food to eat, fuel to burn, car to drive, nice pace to live.. a nice retirement for the golden years.==========================So much for the so called American dream.. I.E. be blamed for everything that is wrong with the world.. not enough to eat after working 24/7 for days on end.. bankruptive fuel, house, transportation prices..Wife and children living in fear of their safety and well being Let us be ralistic and call it the “American Nightmare”!Does this help any?1. Freedom political and economic freedom Democracy, Capitalism, and all that stuff.. seems to be the answer you are seeking.References : my brain= reality

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