Financial Help for Single Mothers in Mississippi

The roles of parents are equally divided between a mother and father. But under the circumstances which single parents find themselves in, these roles are never shared. There are numerous responsibilities put on their shoulders. More often that not, they struggle just to cope with the brunt of single parenting.

In Mississippi, single mothers can lean on the government for support on many aspects of their daily living. As a course of action, several state programs are effected to solve most of their financial woes.

Healthcare Assistance

Medicaid is offered to low income and single-parent families. They get comprehensive insurance coverage and can avail of medical attention such as hospitalization and immunization. Dental and eye care services are also covered under this health plan. Families with members that include seniors and persons with disabilities can also receive special medical attention through Medicaid.

For those with income above the Medicaid standards, their kids can still benefit from the same health services through the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)1. Those in need of special medical attention like women suffering from breast cancer and kids with chronic illnesses can be covered under the Children’s Medical Program.2

Food and Nutrition

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits families and single mothers who are unable to buy health food supplements. Identified recipients are issued an EBT card which is short for Electronic Benefit Transfer. This is a food assistance system wherein Mississippi funds the debit card which the holder uses to buy grocery items in local stores.

There are also several food banks under the Mississipi Food Network where low and no-income families can go to for their sustenance. For women and their children, the state also participates in the WIC program which supplies infant formula and other essential food items.

College Grants

Single mothers are offered the chance to finish college degrees or take up more beneficial courses to their future. Mississippi Office of Financial Aid provides these women with information on where to seek state-funded scholarships, grants or loans.

There are scholarships and grants which the state offers to financially-strapped single moms. Neither a scholarship nor a grant requires any repayment as long as you keep “your end of the deal” – many scholarships require that you render community service or serve the state government upon graduation.


  1. Children’s Health Insurance Program does not replace Medicaid; in fact, children on Medicaid are precluded from CHIP participation. []
  2. To apply to the Children’s Medical Program, or to learn more about it, contact your local health department office, or call 1-800-844-0898 toll-free. []