Financial Help for Single Mothers in Louisiana

Food on the table, a decent roof over their heads and quality education are just the basic needs that single mothers have to provide their kids. What makes it doubly hard is that they face these responsibilities alone.

The southern state of Louisiana offers a lot of opportunities for single moms to better their lives and that of their children. The government understands that without any support, these women face more difficult challenges primarily because of their dual-parent role, that of both mother and father.

Support for Better Nutrition

We all get our sustenance from food. But eating unhealthy ones can impact on our health and lead them to develop diseases. Often, single mothers make do with what they have. This means that providing nutritious food does not happen all the time.

To address this concern, the state of Louisiana participates in several food programs. One is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program which benefits low income families and single mothers. The assistance comes in the form of a funded card that functions as a credit card that enables users to purchase food from participating groceries.

There is also the WIC program which aims to provide nutritional supplements to women and their children, especially those with infants or expectant mothers.

Health Insurance Coverage

Children from low-income single-parent families are often at risk of developing diseases because of the lack of proper nutrition due to poverty. They are most in need of health care attention but the lack of a comprehensive insurance coverage deters them from accessing this service.

Through the Louisiana Medicaid program, single mothers and their children get insurance coverage and can avail quality health care. There are eligibility requirements before any insurance plan is granted. Once met, beneficiaries can get medical attention like regular visits to the doctor, hospitalization and even dental care.

Child Care Support

Single mothers with kids who are too young for school face the dilemma of whether to keep their job or stay home to take care of them. But deciding in favor of the latter can have drastic effects on their income stream. With insufficient money, there is scarcity of food as well as possibilities of facing eviction from their houses.

Because of the effects of unemployment, Louisiana State offers a child care program through a subsidy approach. It shares on the child care cost to unburden single moms with their finances. This way, they can achieve peace of minds and focus on their work or pursue their education