Financial Help for Single Mothers in Washington

Most single mothers would hold down two jobs just to make ends meet. But even with two sources of income, what they earn is still not enough to cover all the needs that their families.

Fortunately, the State of Washington has programs to help single mothers live normal and less stressful lives - aimed at providing solutions to their problems that revolve around the basic necessities of life.

From temporary remedies to long-term solutions, Washington strives to support single moms in their fight against the challenges of the real world.

Health Insurance Coverage

The State of Washington offers the Medicaid program as the basic health coverage plan. But because of some eligibility requirements, some single mothers may not qualify under the program. Approved beneficiaries get Medicaid from the state through its Healthy Options Program which insures every member of the family.

Children who are not insured or are under insured can also benefit from Washington’s health insurance program because they get access to quality health care. On the other hand, single mothers who did not make it to the Medicaid cut have the option of turning to the Washington State Health Insurance Pool1 for coverage.

Support for Childcare

Single mothers do not have many options when it comes to employment if they have children who are not yet old enough to go to school. They pass up opportunities because of the need to take care of their kids. Hiring childcare services can also be expensive on their part which makes it the least of all their options.

Washington government, through its Working Connections Child Care Program, reaches out to single moms by extending help on childcare services. One of the eligibility requirements is that the mother should be working or is under training in a program approved by the Department of Social and Human Services.

Food Assistance Program

Single mothers are able to provide food for her children through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. They receive cash assistance which they can use to buy the food they want and even the things they need as long as it is within the allowable budget given. Grocery items and toiletries used by the family can be paid for by the state through its Basic Food Program.

College Education Support

School is not an option for many single mothers. All their time is already split between taking care of their kids and earning a living. Ironically, putting off school is not the wisest decision but in their condition, it becomes an alternative. Washington State is aiming at changing the minds of single mothers and encourages them to earn a degree. They can get this through cash grants that they can use to pay for college tuition.


  1. WSHIP offers individual health insurance coverage to state residents rejected for coverage due to medical reasons for coverage. []