Financial Help for Single Mothers in Virginia

Among the many things that single mothers need to provide are food, education and shelter. Limited access to and inadequate resources have led these single moms to make do with what they have. This leads to many serious consequences

The state of Virginia offers help to single mothers in their quest for providing excellent care to their children. This is through different state programs that strive to provide both short and long-term solutions to their problems.

State Childcare Support

Caring for their children can derail the plans of many single mothers; plans that would otherwise save them from living underprivileged lives. They cannot pursue college or perform consistently at work because of the demands of childcare. This gives rise to the need for these mothers to avail childcare services but the cost can be too much for their meager income.

Virginia offers subsidized childcare support to single moms. Both enter into a co-paying agreement with the bulk of the expenses going to the government. However, there are qualification standards that they should pass before receiving the support.

Healthcare Support

The state provides insurance coverage to single mothers and families who cannot afford private health insurance. Aside from Medicaid, Virginia offers the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS).

This program extends health care coverage in two ways: one is by providing assistance in the payment of insurance premiums; and two, as a provider of children’s health insurance.

Food and Other Basic Necessities

Virginia offers short-term cash assistance to single mothers and to families categorized under the low income group. The monetary support is given on a temporary basis because it is only meant to encourage them to seek more permanent solutions to their problems.

Under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, beneficiaries receive cash which they can use to buy food and other items that are important for everyday living.

Housing Assistance

Single parents are assured of convenient housing conditions through the Housing Choice Voucher program of Virginia. It is a flexible program that gives them the option to choose the type of public housing which they can afford. If single mothers earn regular but limited income, Virginia subsidizes their housing payment.

State Grant for College Education

The state offers grants to qualified single moms to help them earn a degree. The grant can be in cash which they can use to pay for college tuition from partner universities and colleges.

Awards such as the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) – a renewable grant of up to $2,650 for Virginia residents who attend a private, non-profit in-state institution – are automatically given to every student who meets eligibility requirements and applies while funds are available. Priority is given to students with the highest financial need.

Other state financial aid include The College Scholarship Assistance Program (CSAP) and the Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP).