Financial Help for Single Mothers in Utah

Paying the bills, sending kids to school and putting food on the table; these are just some of the responsibilities faced by single mothers. Any income earned, if employed, is often not enough to meet the basic necessities. There is no room for emergency medical cases or savings for future use.

This is where the Utah government intervenes to make sure single moms and their children do not suffer the consequences of a hard life. It offers programs that seek to alleviate the plight of single mothers and assure a brighter and more financially stable future for them and their kids.

Health Care Support

Quality medical care is hard to come by for single mothers who do not have comprehensive health insurance coverage. Paying premiums can become a burden so health needs are already sacrificed. Utah supports single mothers in this aspect through the Medicaid plan.

Single mom and qualified families benefit from quality health care through this program. They get coverage for hospital treatments and even dental services. If they’re not qualified for the Medicaid program, they can turn to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to get continuous medical support from the government for their kids

Assistance for Childcare

Utah’s Office for Childcare oversees the issues concerning single mothers and parents who do not have enough income for pay for childcare services. What this office proposes is a subsidized program that allows beneficiaries to pay only a small portion of the childcare cost while the rest is shouldered by the state government.

Basic Needs

The glaring reminder that single parents and their families are facing difficult times is when they are unable to put food on their table. Food or nourishment is one of the basic necessities alongside shelter and clothing.

Through Utah’s Food Stamps Program, single mothers are able to feed their kids with proper nutrition. Other than this program, the state also extends cash assistance for the purchase of other ‘necessity’ items.

Back-to-School Programs

Single mothers can go back to school and pursue their college education through the help of Utah’s Higher Education Assistance Authority. This office processes applications for scholarships, grants and college loans.

The efforts of this program are directed at making sure they earn their degree. Once this is accomplished, they can apply for higher paying and stable jobs. It also leads to the attainment of self-reliance and financial stability.