Not too long ago, we wrote about the norm of women under 30 giving births “out-of-wedlock” that spoke volume of the changing trend of motherhood. Meanwhile, feminist site hails the “empowerment” of women now as they view marriage as a luxury, while conservatives like Senator Glenn Grothman views “single motherhood as a form of child abuse”.

But this post is not about debating whether single motherhood is good or bad. No, we’re here to look at what it means for the children and society as a whole.

Let’s face it: kids in single parent families are likelier to live in poverty, show delinquent behavior, and to go through developmental problems than kids in two-parent families. A lot of factors come into play here that can exempt some children from the norm, though, so not all children of single moms have to develop these issues.

The education of the mother is the single most important factor to be taken into consideration here.

92% of all women with a college degree are married when they have a baby, compared to around 43% of women who completed a high school degree. More importantly, though, a single mother with a college degree is likelier to be employed in a position that earns enough money to support her and her children.

It will also help children if fathers learn to accept the financial realities of today. 50’s-style fatherhood where the dad earns the dough for the whole family is just not possible for most people given today’s tough economic times. Husbands have to learn to live with the reality that they need the help of their wives in the family budget, while wives have to learn to pitch in and not expect the man to do everything on his own.

And the moms do, of course, need to weed out deadbeat dads from the gems in the rough. You don’t need a college degree to do that, but it does help you set decent standards for the father of your children.

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