Financial Help for Single Mothers in Vermont

Single mothers and their children suffer the most in the face of any economic hardship. Often, they lack one or two of the basic needs which hinders them from attaining personal success.

The state of Vermont knows that through government intervention, single mothers and their children can lead better lives. Programs are set up to provide assistance in every way to support single parents and other needy families in their quest for financial stability.

Healthcare Services

Aside from the Medicaid program for needy families and single mothers, the state of Vermont also provides alternative healthcare resources. These are the Vermont Health Access Program (VHAP) and Dr. Dynasaur. The former is sponsored by the single mother’s employer who shoulders part of the insurance premium costs.

Dr. Dynasaur, on the other hand, is insurance coverage for pregnant women and their children below the age of 19. This is offered as a low-cost insurance to single mothers who can afford to co-pay and offered free to those who do not have sufficient income resources.

Food and Basic Supplies

Vermont implements the 3SquaresVT program which provides financial assistance through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. The card is used to buy food and other basic home supplies needed by single mothers and their kids. This is presented to recognized or participating stores within the state’s juridical boundary.

Support for Childcare

It is impossible for single mothers to pursue college education or work when no one is left to look after her children. This is why Vermont extends help through a subsidized childcare program. The government offers to pay for a portion of the childcare cost and the rest is shouldered by the recipient.

College Grant

From scholarships, grants and student loans, Vermont offers support to help single mothers put themselves through school. In doing so, they are assured of better living conditions as well as that of their children. They can be self-sufficient and provide for the needs of their families without receiving any help from the government.

Rent Assistance

Single parents and their kids need shelter and protection. But the rising cost of rent and other utilities can bear down on their income.

Vermont offers Section 8 Rental Assistance Program which subsidizes rental costs paid by single mothers. Assistance is extended through vouchers. This way, single mothers and other needy families can choose where to live given their financial constraints and the support accorded to them by the government.