You would think that women’s rights would only evolve for the better, considering that many glass ceilings have been shattered in the past decades. The lines between men and women are getting blurred when it comes to the workplace, and the political clout of women is respected all over the country.

So why are Republican candidates and leaders taking such clear pot shots at women – especially single moms?

Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” comments and Rick Santorum’s labeling of single moms as “criminal breeders” are some of the more prominent barbs being flung at women in today’s heated political environment. Even the Senate Democratic Leader in Michigan Gretchen Whitmer was called a “slut” by an operative of the Michigan Republican Party.

True, these may be simple political maneuvers that serve as a means to an end. But partisan politics aside, it is still disturbing to see our country’s right turning on women in such a way. Women are no longer the servile domestic housekeepers of days past. Women are now a force of power in domestic, financial, medical, industrial and political fields. Women have a voice, and you can’t just go around using them as whipping posts.

This is why women need to start flexing their muscles again. We can’t let sexists get back into power, not after all this time. We have to let people know that women refuse to be stepped on and treated like second-class citizens, whether this means writing letters to the media companies to have Limbaugh censured or throw support in for Republican candidates that care enough to respect women’s rights.

“They’re nothing but hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, ‘Live as I live,’” says a retired public school worker who voted for McCain over Obama in 2008. If this sentiment is reflective of independent women and moderate Republicans, then we can see the right doing a bang-up job of alienating the very people they profess to serve.

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