Financial Help for Single Mothers in Tennessee

With all the economic hardships that the country faces time and again, many families have succumbed to the pressures and have lived impoverished lives. The situation does not get any better for single mothers.

The Tennessee state government has programs that specifically target the needs of single mothers. The focus on this sector of society is based on the fact that more and more kids are relying on the income of a single parent.

Through these programs, the state government hopes to provide single moms and their families with a much better chance at life.

Monetary Support

Tennessee extends temporary assistance to single mothers in the form of cash. The maximum period that this support can be received is 5 years. The cash assistance falls under the Family First program of the state government.

Single mothers can use to cash for different purposes. They can pay the bills or buy food and other house stuff they need. In order to qualify for this program, beneficiaries must pass the income requirement imposed by the state and the federal governments.

Food and Nutrition

Nutritious food is still possible even with the living conditions of needy families and single mothers. This is through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) which the Tennessee government issues to qualified applicants.

The EBT cardholders are entitled to purchase anything they need from different participating establishments within the state. The EBT card replaces the conventional food stamps which offer limited access to food that have adequate nutrition.

Assistance for Childcare

Tennessee does not require single mothers and needy families to pay the partial cost of childcare services. This is effective under the Families First Child Care Program which is also offered to beneficiaries and non-recipients of the monetary support. However, this is just one of the childcare support programs of the state.

Other childcare support programs include the Transitional Child Care Assistance, At Risk Child Only, and the Teen Child Care Assistance. Read more

Rent and Utilities Assistance

Survival is a great struggle for single mothers and their kids. Whatever income is earned, this is carefully allotted for priority expenses like food, child care and medical attention. Payment for rent and other household utilities take the backseat which often result to forced eviction.

To prevent single mothers and their families from being homeless, the state government shoulders the cost of electricity or heating. Although this is cash assistance, the money is paid directly to the utility company.