Financial Help for Single Mothers in Arkansas

The nature of basic needs is that they should be prioritized. For single mothers, this can be a daunting task that can not be addressed on their own. With limited resources and opportunities, single moms and their families are unable to feel or experience even the barest of necessities

Arkansas State strives to address this and other concerns through the initiation of programs for single mothers and their children. The aim of these assistance programs is to support their needs until they are able to stand on their own.

Support for Chidcare

The road to financial independence starts from a solid educational foundation and good employment. But neither can be a possibility if single mothers have their hands tied with taking care of their children.

While childcare is an option, the cost that comes with it are not. This is why Arkansas has put up the Arkansas Better Chance Program1. It helps pay for the childcare cost of single mothers who work full time or dedicate at least 30 hours a week to their jobs.

Food and Supplies

It takes single mothers a lot of hours at work to put decent food on the table. But for someone earning a meager income, just about anything that can be eaten would be enough. With Arkansas Foodbank Network, single moms, their kids and needy families can expect to eat nutritious food on a regular basis.

The state also participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that allows single mothers to purchase food items and other supplies for their families. The SNAP program uses a debit card which single mothers and low income families can take to participating stores within Arkansas.

Access to Affordable Healthcare

The lack of nutritious food and other environmental factors contribute to a weak body. Often, single mothers are besieged with more than just food and childcare issues; they also have to deal with their children’s need for quality health care.

With ARKids First, single mothers and their children are given adequate medical attention. This healthcare program is also offered to families that are not qualified under the eligibility requirements of the Medicaid program.

Housing Assistance

Single mothers earning small incomes face a difficult time allotting the money for different expenses. Often, some bills are sacrificed like rental payments and bills for the heating or cooling system. To help with the rent, Arkansas State implements the Housing Choice Voucher Program that subsidizes the rental cost paid by single mothers and qualified families.


  1. ABCP is one of the programs and services offered by the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education []