Financial Help for Single Mothers in South Dakota

South Dakota offers single mothers the opportunity to make their lives better in the face of the challenging times. It has several programs that are geared towards providing for the needs of single moms and their children while advocating for self-sufficiency.

Key programs target the basic needs of single mothers like food, shelter and education. What these program lead to is the development of these women into productive citizens who are capable of being independent.

Assistance for Child Care

To help single mothers who couldn’t afford to pay for child care services, the South Dakota government steps in to provide monetary assistance particularly for low income families to avail quality child care for their children.

The state shoulders all the childcare costs as long as they meet the eligibility requirements. South Dakota’s Child Care Assistance Program requires that beneficiaries should be working at least 20 hours a week.

Those who do not meet the qualification can opt for a co-payment system wherein the government pays for a considerable portion of the cost directly to the childcare provider.

Health Care Support

In South Dakota, the health of the children of single mothers takes priority. That is why the government came up with its Children’s Health Insurance Program to give kids access to quality health care from different medical institutions.

Single mothers and needy families are also given medical assistance through South Dakota’s Medical Assistance for Low Income Families (LIF)1. Those whose children are under 19 and still living with them qualify for this assistance.

Supplemental Cash Assistance

Under this program, single mothers benefit from the cash support given by the government. The money is intended to help them purchase food for nutrition of their kids as well as toiletries and other stuff that the single mom and her family may need.

College Grants

Getting a degree in college can be hard for single mothers because of time – and financial -constraints. Food and rent often takes much out of the money they earn. As a result, these women continue to put off school or just until they find financial help to get them started.

Aside from the other programs that are meant to alleviate the living conditions of single moms, the state also offers them college grants. This serves as their ticket out of an impoverished life. With a college degree, single mothers can expect to have better employment opportunities.


  1. The Medical Assistance for Low-Income Families (LIF) program is designed to help low-income South Dakota families (with or without private health insurance) receive full medical assistance coverage. []

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