Financial Help for Single Mothers in West Virginia

The State of West Virginia gives single mothers a fighting chance at life through support programs. These are geared towards filling in the gaps in their lives and that of their children. Even with a source of income, most are unable to provide the barest of necessities.

West Virginia understands that their options are limited and therefore bear upon their living conditions. The state has several key assistance programs that endeavor to cover for the inadequacies in the life of every single mother and her family.

Childcare Program

Single mothers with children aged 13 years old and below can apply for state subsidy on childcare services. This is just one of the requirements of the Child Care Program of West Virginia. The others include income falling below the poverty level and parents or single mothers who are employed.

Basic Needs Assistance

Nutritious food and important household supplies are often neglected because of the meager income that single mothers earn. As recourse, the state extends short-term support through its WV Works program.

This is West Virginia’s version of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families which is cash assistance that a single mother can spend on food and other essential things for her children. However, its use is not restricted. Single mothers can use it to pay rent or solve any emergency situation.

Health Coverage

Because their children are not fed with the proper food for good nutrition, single mothers suffer immensely from emotional, physical and mental pressure. Their limited resources have made it impossible for single mothers to avail of quality health care due to the lack of sufficient healthcare coverage.

West Virginia provides Medicaid plans to qualified families and single mothers and their children. Once approved, beneficiaries can have access to immediate and adequate medical attention if and when the time comes. The coverage includes in-patient hospitalization, dental services and immunization.

College Grant

After filling the FAFSA form, single mothers can get access to different college assistance through The College Foundation of West Virginia. From grants to scholarships, these women are introduced to a world of opportunity that can change them and impact on the lives of their children.

Single moms are encouraged to finish college and earn their degree. This is identified as a long-term solution that will save them and their families from poverty.