Would you believe it if somebody told you that single motherhood is the ‘cause’ of child poverty?

At least one study by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that 36.5% of all single moms were poor compared to only 6.4% of married couples with children. The study goes on to say that this link between poverty and single parenthood is because of the mom’s lower educational attainment and the absence of a second parent to augment the family income.

What is sad, however, is that some groups have automatically linked marriage as a solution to the poverty problems of single moms. One group, the Heritage Foundation, is even brazen enough to proclaim that encouraging marriage is the solution to child poverty in America.

What utter rubbish. If that alone were true, then why are 6.4% of all married couples still poor?

No, the real deciding factor in eliminating poverty is education. True, having a partner around to pitch in with the family expenses will help increase the family income, but it is the educational attainment of both parents that will really determine whether the family will have a decent income. A single mom with the competencies to find good-paying work and the know-how to manage the finances of the family can provide a good future for her children.

Marriage is something that is born out of love, especially since getting married just for convenience’s sake will just expose the child to a cold, unloving and dysfunctional family setting. A child who grows up watching mom and dad slug it out every single night will develop just as badly as a child who grows up knowing only hunger and want.

Single parents – men and women alike – need to realize that marriage is not a wonder-pill that will solve all their financial woes. It is education and employment that will lead the way.

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