If you thought that you had nothing going for you and you have no say in the politics of this country, then you’ve had it all wrong.

Unmarried single mothers are increasing by the year, and they are forming a bloc that is quickly becoming a force to fight hard-line conservatives that relegate women as second-class citizens capable only of staying in the kitchen.

The Women’s Voices Women Auction Fund points out that not only are single and unmarried mothers increasing in number, but they are also voting progressive candidates into positions – candidates that put forward agendas that aim to help moms get a better footing in life.

Even President Barak Obama and Second Lady Jill Biden pay homage to the unmarried mother who accomplish (and sacrifice) more than most people can in the course of their lives. Biden even took the time to single out Donna Larkin, a mother who lost her job of 19 years, earned an Associate of Applied Science in Collision Repair and Refinishing and is well on her way to earning a degree in automotive repair technology.

“Donna, congratulations, I’m so proud of you.”

And it is politicians like these – not politicians who lambast single mothers as the cause of poverty, moral decay or some other sin – who will get the support of approximately 10 million single mothers across America.

So I know that you’re busy with furthering your career and raising your children, but it is definitely worth your time to get mixed in with politics and find out who will support your efforts as the lone provider of a family household.

After all, the last thing any single mom would want is to get another candidate like Rick Santorum, that avid hater of all single moms, to get elected into a post of importance.

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