This is a question with an obvious knee-jerk response: hell no! Why should I dole out cash to these *insert politically correct version of racist comment here* if they don’t strive to legally enter the country?

Should Taxpayers Pay For the Scholarships of Illegal Immigrants?
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To pay or not to pay. That’s the question but how did America become one of the greatest countries in the world in the first place?

You could probably shoot off a couple of economic, military and technological reasons, but the real reason we’re so great is because of the fundamental belief in rewarding competition and innovation. This gave us the edge back in the day when everyone else in the world was content to maintain their kingdoms and their empires.

This is why we breed innovation and competition by rewarding the kids that strive for it.

Think about it: the government hands out scholarships to kids with possible talent that can help out America. If there’s potential in a child, then an education will do a world of wonder in giving that child an opportunity to become a contributing member of society. That’s a better option than channeling all that talent to the only other high-paying option available to illegal immigrants: crime.

The only problem here, however, is that we have become an ‘empire’ that is contented in maintaining itself.

We have created policies that block illegal immigrants from getting a formal job. These policies stem from fears that we and our children will be denied jobs by the immigrants pouring into our country. We want to keep all the nice, clean, high-paying jobs for ourselves and leave the rest to the immigrants.

The problem here is that we have forgotten to breed innovation and competition. The effects of the economic crunch are real, yes, and we have to prioritize allocating funds to kids that we know for certain will contribute to American society.

But if we as a people stop rewarding innovation and competition to those who want to stay in our borders, then we will soon see our country fall into ruin like the dead and dying monarchies of the old world.

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