Would you believe it if somebody were to say that you – as a single mother – are effectively ‘abusing’ your child because you are single?

This is what Wisconsin Republican Senator Glenn Grothman effectively says in a move to require the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention board to list down ‘non-marital parenthood’ as a direct contributor to child abuse and neglect. Grothman goes one step further by saying children should “only be raised by two married biological parents.”

Grothman makes these statements saying that the government is urging women to stay unmarried by making financial assistance a more attractive financial solution than marriage. So his solution to this so-called “crisis of unmarriage” is to restrict food stamps, limit Section 8 housing and eliminate the option to choose a school – among others.

At least Grothman has the guts to admit that what he is saying is politically incorrect.

Democrat State Representative Chris Taylor rebuts that “what this bill does is call out and chastise women who have babies who are unmarried [sic].” That is exactly the whole point: why should we punish single moms and their children in the first place?

And there’s yet another problem – what if the biological father was the one who caused troubles for the family anyway? Many single mothers sue for divorce because of deadbeat dads and abusive fathers who definitely contribute more to child abuse than the mother. This is especially true in Wisconsin, where a third of all parents are single.

This essentially means that marriage is no guarantee to a stable and happy environment for a child. We need to teach our moms and dads – married or otherwise – how to be better parents. Single parents need to be made aware of the extra burdens they have to bear and how better to deal with them.

I believe that this is a better, more empowering solution than forcing single moms to just up and “latch on” to the nearest man they could find.

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