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College Scholarships for Single Mothers

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A lot of research has been done on the benefits of higher education, and all the studies points the same thing – individuals with higher levels of education earn more and are likelier than others to be employed. According “Education Pays, 2010,” College Board, in 2008, median earnings for women ages 25 to 34 with… Read more »

Scholarships for African Americans

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Historically, African Americans have been one of the most disadvantaged minorities in the country. According to the statistics, much of black poverty is experienced by single-mother families but the poverty status varies with educational attainment. In 2010, young adults ages 25–34 with at least a bachelor’s degree had a full-time employment rate that was over… Read more »

TEACH Grant Program for Aspiring Teachers

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The federal government in its effort to extend financial aid to various sectors of the society offer the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant Program for aspiring teachers, or TEACH for short. Under this unique program, single mothers who aspire to be a teacher may be eligible for a grant of up to $4,000… Read more »

Federal Work Study Program for Single Mothers

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Students who are single mothers face pressures from their parental responsibilities as well as academically. In addition to paying for child care, one major concern for college-bound students is how to pay for education expenses on their own. Escalating college costs and an uncertain economy make paying for college a struggle for many. But it… Read more »

The Academic Competitiveness Grant

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In answer to the need for increased literacy rate, the federal government created a support program for education. Known as the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), the program is geared at giving poor but deserving single mothers access to quality post-secondary education.

Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant

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The Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant, or FSEOG as it commonly referred to, is a federal education grant that is awarded to students in need of financial aid. Similar to the Pell Grant, FSEOG is a type of federal grant that is awarded to low-income undergraduate students and unlike federal student loans, does not need… Read more »

Federal Pell Grant For Single Mothers

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One major concern for students who want to pursue higher education is how to pay for it. A Federal Pell Grant – special fund for low-income students to attend college – offers one way for single mothers to finance their postsecondary education.