Financial Help for Single Mothers in Rhode Island

The land area of Rhode Island is small compared to other states in the country. But like these places, Rhode Island also has a number of single women who exert great effort just to keep up with the bare necessities of life for them and their children.

Several programs are set up by the state government to help single mothers deal with their struggles. These programs take into account the different aspects that these women have to face on a daily basis.

State Support for Child Care and Education

The state’s Department of Human Services steps in for some intervention to help single mothers avail affordable child care services. Specifically, the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) of this department takes care of the financial aspect of child care. It makes either a partial or full-payment to the child care provider, depending on the income status of the mother or qualified family.

Children of single mothers and needy families are automatically enrolled in the state’s comprehensive early childhood program. Toddlers and pre-school kids are the recipients of this assistance.

Access to Health Services

Rhode Island’s focus on health is implemented under its RIte Care and RIte Share programs. The former is the Medicaid plan that is given to low income families and single parents. But is also covers a vast range of assistance from child care subsidies to food stamps.

RIte Care plan holders benefit from immediate and quality medical attention like in-patient hospitalization, dental care, and even mental health services. The plan also allows members to enroll in parenting classes and programs that provide childbirth education.

On the other hand, RIte Share assists needy families in getting access to premium health insurance coverage. This is given through the employers of the working member like the head of the family or the single mother or single father. The government shoulders a part of the cost, or in some case, full cost of the insurance.

Income Support

Rhode Island has also undertaken programs that provide monetary assistance to single mothers and qualified low income families. This is implemented through its RI Works Program1 that provides regular income but for a limited time.

The monetary support serves as the state’s encouragement for recipients to strive for self-reliance. It is given for a maximum period of five years. Two years into the program, recipients are assessed by responsible agencies. Low income families and single parents must show significant progress in looking for gainful employment.


  1. The Rhode Island Works used to be called the Family Independence Program (FIP). []