Financial Help for Single Mothers in Pennsylvania

Attaining financial independence is a hard task. This is true especially for single mothers who are beset with several family problems that prevent them from becoming self-sufficient. The Pennsylvania state government recognizes the fact that these single moms need all the help they can get.

The best way to help them is by providing access to affordable and comfortable living conditions. Programs are launched by the Pennsylvania government to reach out to these needy families and alleviate their struggle with life’s challenges.

Housing Program

When single mothers face possibilities of eviction because of non-payment of rental, this could get in the way of their productivity. To give them peace of mind, Pennsylvania offers several key programs that aim to provide secure housing for single moms and their kids.

One option is by providing subsidies to privately-developed subdivisions. Employed single mothers shoulder part of the cost while the government pays the rest of the rent. This also works in much the same way as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. For those who can not afford the cost, public housing is offered to these families.

College Assistance

With a solid foundation in education, single mothers can expect better employment opportunities. But oftentimes, these women get into the family way early in life. This results in girls dropping out of school to take care of their young.

The college assistance program of Pennsylvania aims to bridge this gap and help single mothers be more self-reliant in the future. It provides cash support for single mothers to pursue higher education, enroll in a college or university and get a degree.

Food and Other Basic Needs

Limited income leads to limited or scarce food. This presents single mothers and their kids with the daily struggle for nourishment. In Pennsylvania, food assistance comes in the form of financial support. With the money, single mothers and families falling below the poverty threshold in the United States are able to buy food and other bare necessities.

The monetary assistance falls under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program which means it is only extended for a certain period of time. Other food support programs include the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank1 as well as setting up of food stands.

Childcare Support

Single moms and mothers from low income families who are working may apply  for the Subsidized Child Care Program offered by the state. To qualify, these women should be working at least 20 hours a week at their current job.


  1. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank distributes more than 20 million pounds food and grocery products to 27 central Pennsylvania counties every year. []