The Best Kept Secret of Affordable Online Education

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The following guest article is written by Sally Croft is a strong advocate of affordable online education and a regular contributor at where she writes about ways to cut costs and save money by pursuing online education. “What would you do if I told you a way to save off an extra $900 each year?”… Read more »

USA Lags Behind Other Countries in Maternity Care

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We pride ourselves over a lot of things. Our military has the biggest stick, our economy has the most bank (despite what it looks like right now) and we are probably one of the most mixed and tolerant nations in the world. Too bad we don’t really take good care of our mothers that much…. Read more »

5 Life Hacks for Single Moms

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The following guest article is written by Caroline Hampton – a career counselor and guest author of the guide to best online degrees for single mothers at Being a single mom is hard work. Here are five life hacks that are sure to help you relax, maximize your productivity and save you money. Standing As silly as… Read more »

The Lobbying Battles of Medicare and Medicaid

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There is something called “doc-fix” that occurs regularly in Washington. This involves the wrangling between politicians to come up with funds to pay doctors for providing Medicare services, geared at 65 or older individuals which and often cost far more than their returns. So our legislators come up with short-term funds to pay Medicare doctors… Read more »

Food Stamps for PhD-Holders

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You know something is very, very wrong with our society when a growing number of Doctors of Philosophy (aka PhD holders) are lining up for food stamps. You’d think that these people who had spent so much on their education and earned multiple degrees in return for their investment would not be faced with a… Read more »

California; Seven Other States, Cut Off “Chronically Unemployed” from Benefits

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If you’re living in California and you find yourself frequently unemployed, then this is going to be very bad news: jobless benefits will be cut off this May. The same will apply for those living in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Fifteen other states, including Michigan and South Carolina, were already… Read more »