Financial Help for Single Mothers

Single mothers struggle with family responsibilities, making ends meets and other personal issues. All these affect their attitude towards life and their productivity as the bread winners of their family.

To help single moms deal with life’s crises, the state of Ohio has lined up several programs that specifically targets different aspects of their living conditions.

Cash Assistance

Ohio’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families extends cash support for a maximum period of 36 months. Monetary support is provided for a limited time because the state government advocates for self-sufficiency among its citizens.

This program also applies to single mothers who are in the transition phase. Although it prioritizes low income families, recipients have to meet other eligibility requirements imposed by the state.

Ohio Childcare for Single Mothers

Rearing children is one of the hardest roles of being a parent; harder still for single mothers who have to do everything themselves. Under the Ohio state government’s child care program, single moms receive subsidies to defray the cost of child care services.

This program is still in connection with Ohio’s thrust towards making its residents attain self-sufficiency. The County Department of Jobs and Family Services is tasked with overseeing the implementation of the program.

Bear in mind that although the state government will cover most of the expenses, the recipient still need to pay part of the cost. For the equitable payment on both parties, the government has rolled out a sharing scheme to serve as the guideline.

Housing Assistance

Paying for rent is already a struggle for single mothers but home ownership takes on a more challenging phase. Unless government adopts intervention programs, single moms and their families will always face possibilities of eviction.

Ohio offers many options for single parents and their families to have a permanent place to dwell. One of the options is subsidized financing for apartments which eventually leads to home ownership. Another is through the financial assistance which single mothers can use to pay for rent and other utility bills.

College Grants

Single mothers can pursue their education through Ohio’s college grants. The state extends financial assistance from the Office of the Board of Regents. Single moms can use the money to pay for college or to enroll in technical courses to help them land better jobs.

Online courses are also accepted as alternative methods of earning degrees. The state recognizes the facts the single mothers dedicate most of their time to work and taking care of their kids. Through online courses, they can spend time with the kids while pursuing a degree.