Financial Help for Single Mothers in New Mexico

The economic landscape of New Mexico is making it more difficult for people struggling to make ends meet. For single mothers, the situation is even harder.

To help improve the lives of low-income families and single mothers, the state government of New Mexico has adopted several key programs to address their basic needs.

Attention to Childcare

Children suffer the most during difficult times. Kids undergo stress and often exhibit signs of aggression during hard economic times and in dealing with family-related issues.

New Mexico has created the Children, Youth and Families Department1 to address concerns involving this sector. It is an intervention program that puts priority on the safety of kids who are often neglected in the face of limited resources. It also provides social and emotional rehabilitation.

Food and Nutrition

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program of New Mexico extends financial help to single mothers for the purchase of nutritious food. The assistance comes in the form of a credit card that is recognized in several local establishments. The card is funded by the state government and distributed only to qualified individuals who passes screening and other assessment procedures.

Healthcare Programs

Single mothers with young and teenaged children can qualify for a state-given insurance coverage. Aside from Medicaid, the state government also implements other healthcare programs that target kids and teens. Under the state’s NewMexiKids and NewMexiTeens programs, single moms can benefit from subsidized medical coverage.

Scholarship Grants

Many women have set aside finishing their schooling because of the need to take care of their families. Because education plays a pivotal part in transforming their lives, single mothers are given access to pursue college in order to get better jobs.

New Mexico implements several scholarship programs in coordination with local schools. One example is the New Mexico Lottery Success Scholarships which covers matriculation for eight consecutive semesters.

This is offered to New Mexico residents who graduated from local schools in this state and enrolled fulltime in a college or university here. Another requirement is GPA of 2.5 or better.

Other Basic Necessities

The state also subsidizes and even fully covers the utility expenses of low-income families and single mothers. It provides financial resources to help them pay for their energy consumption as well as other things to make their living conditions comfortable as possible. Individuals and parents with dependent children below the age of 18 and earning less than the standard minimum income are also given priority.


  1. The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department provides an array of prevention, intervention, rehabilitative and after-care services to New Mexico children and their families. []