Financial Help for Single Mothers in New Hampshire

As New Hampshire is one of the least populated states in the country, single mothers may have an easier time applying for financial assistance compared to those who live in other more populated states. For starters, they would have less competition to worry about and, if ever, a shorter waiting period as well.

There are several key points which these state programs address. But everything boils down to the provision of basic necessities to those in need. Here, the aim is to bridge the gap created by poverty.

Access to Quality Child Care

Single moms need access to affordable and quality child care services more than anyone else. But their lack of income prevents them from tapping such services. Hence, they are stuck babysitting their kids and find less time for gainful employment.

New Hampshire’s Child Care Scholarships reaches out to these women by helping them with child care expenses. It offers a subsidy program that extends cash assistance to help offset the cost of childcare.

Adequate Food Supply

Nutritious food is one key to help single moms and their kids stay healthy and disease-free. But due to poverty, adequate food supply is not met even on its minimum level. New Hampshire offers to programs to address insufficient food supply at home.

It participates in the Food Stamp Program which is now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Through this, low income single-parent families receive regular cash allowance which is intended for the purchase of food. The program advocates the consumption of healthy food to achieve nutritional sustenance.

Housing Assistance

It is already hard for single moms to provide food much less pay for rent and other household expenses. Not surprisingly, they are often faced with the risk of living out on the streets and among the countless homeless Americans.

New Hampshire addresses this concern by extending rent assistance to single mothers and families with low income. The state’s Housing Finance Authority takes care of the shelter needs of eligible applicants through several housing programs.

One is the advocacy for the Housing Choice Voucher Program which helps beneficiaries find safer and affordable housing environments. It also has the ACCESS Choice Voucher Program which works in similar ways as the federal program.1

Education Assistance

A college degree or a good postsecondary education is what keeps single mothers from aspiring for better employment. Their journey to motherhood has forced them to quit school and settle for low paying jobs that fail to provide adequately for their needs.

Through New Hampshire’s Center for College Planning (CCP), single women are linked with institutions that offer grants and scholarships to pay for the cost of a college education.


  1. To qualify for the program, applicants must have incomes below 30% of area median income. []