Single moms have so much to offer employers, but oftentimes employers fail to realize their full potential. Many are put off by the immediate needs of single mothers, most especially the burden of childcare, and are often reluctant to hire these women.

This is an issue that Tricia Ward, a 40-year old single mother and East Bay native, hopes to bring to light.

Ward was first a well-established real estate broker whose business dried up when the economy crashed. She was like so many single mothers at the time: too ‘poor’ to meet basic needs but too ‘rich’ to qualify for government assistance. She even resorted to working as a waitress to make ends meet.

Ward rode the wave of hardships with grit, cutting out all possible luxuries and establishing a day care center located just out of her home. She was able to erase $10,000 debt and still manage to keep her home – both impressive feats considering the economy we find ourselves in.

Her most important contribution to single moms around America, however, was her establishment of and revolves around the idea of addressing the more urgent needs of single moms, like food and car payments. The site also provides job training assistance and free scholarships. Interested single moms will then be screened for eligibility., on the other hand, aims to steer business to single moms and help establish professional networks. The site is like a cross between the yellow pages and a charity, where those aiming to help these women can do so by giving them paying jobs.

Ward comments that “single moms don’t need a hand out, they are looking for a hand up.” She is hoping to change the perception of single moms. This perception does, indeed, need changing as single moms often see themselves as disadvantaged and depressed victims of circumstances.

Receiving help and establishing a professional career can turn this perception on its head; with people in general seeing single mothers as beacons of strength and reliability.

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