Financial Help for Single Mothers in Maine

Paying for bills, feeding the kids and providing a safe house environment are just some of the things that single mothers deal with alone. These are problems which are the same for these women everywhere but most especially in places where the economy is not helping.

In the state of Maine, the government takes great strides in assisting single mothers fulfill their responsibilities. It participates in key programs both federal- and locally-initiated ones to mitigate the impact of a brutal economy.

Food Assistance Program

One of the programs that Maine implements is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that is basically comes in the form of cash support. Beneficiaries are issue a debit card which is state-funded. The card can be used to purchase groceries and other nutritious food supplements in participating local stores.1

Aside from SNAP, Maine also promotes the WIC program. Target beneficiaries are expectant mothers, women, and children below five years of age. They are given food vouchers which they can exchange for dairy products like milk and baby formula for infants. There are also local food banks in Maine offering discounted food products.2

Health Insurance Coverage

Just like in other states, single mothers can also avail of the Medicare program in Maine3. Single mothers with low income can get help in shouldering the medical expenses of their children and even themselves. This is very helpful because healthcare bills can really become expensive.

There are also other programs in Maine which can help pay for their health maintenance. One of these is the DirigoChoice. This is a kind of subsidized health program that is available to single-mother families who are part of the or under the 300% of the federal poverty level. For more information about these programs please visit our website or call DHA at 1-877-892-839

Child Care Support

In most cases, single mothers with just one income cannot afford to pay for the cost of childcare. The good thing is, the state government of Maine extends child care assistance to single moms through vouchers.

This form of cash subsidy helps cover the cost for their childcare so they could go to work without worrying about the expenses. For more information about Maine’s Child Care Subsidy Program, refer to:

On the other hand, they can also get help with their child care expenses through the Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP) which allows them to set aside up to $5,000 of their pre-tax salary per year/wages to pay for child care.


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  3. MaineCare is Maine’s Medicaid program which also includes Maine’s State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) []