The realities of today’s economy weigh down hard on everybody, especially single mothers who do not have a partner to help them in childcare. You have to grab whatever job you can find out there, even if it involves staying out until sun comes up.

This is where 24-hour childcare centers come in.

“Leaving your kids here is one of the hardest tools of being a singular parent. But nowadays, we have to take a work where we can get it; we have to go to school.”

This is what 37-year old Teresa Williams had to say about Happy Faces Learning Center, a childcare center in the Brentwood area of Northeast Washington that operates even in the dead of night. Williams is the typical hard-working single mom, taking regular hotel shifts while taking classes in a nearby university to help her get a more stable and better-paying day job.

And Williams is not just an isolated case.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that people who take part-time jobs at night has increase by 14% since 2002. One in five Americans is working on any given weeknight, with 12 percent of these individuals working well past midnight. Most other parents and children would be sound asleep at that time.

This is why it is important that you find the nearest all-night childcare center in your area. You never know if you will get laid off from your job, if you find a better-paying one that needs you to work night shifts or if you find yourself pursuing a degree by taking up night classes. Knowing a 24-hour center like Happy Faces will be of great help if any of these should happen to you.

Well, at least until you finish your studies and/or find a decent day job to keep you and your family well funded in the long run.

Happy Faces Learning Center
1095 9th NE St
Washington, DC 20018
(202) 529-5437

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