Financial Help for Single Mothers in Kentucky

Keeping up with their roles as parents is the hardest part of the lives of single mothers. Aside from providing financial and emotional support to their kids, they also need to look after themselves for personal fulfillment.

But life for single moms is the same everywhere, especially for those who do not have steady incomes. It derails their responsibility of providing for the basic needs of their kids as well as their hopes and dreams.

The state of Kentucky understands that they need to grow out of their dire situation. Hence, it has created several programs that mitigate the impact of social and economic burdens on these women and their families.

Food Assistance Program

Single mothers often find it a daily struggle to put food on the table and still ensure that their kids get their basic supplies. To address this program, the Kentucky offers the Food Benefit Program to struggling families. This program helps them buy food items that have high nutritional value from their local grocery store.

Kentucky also provides initiatives under WIC as well as Temporary Assistance for Families (TNAP) program. There is also a local food bank program through the Kentucky Food Bank where food supplies are available for free or for very affordable prices.

Childcare Support

It is hard to juggle work and parenting the kids at the same time. This is true for single moms who need to work but have kids staying at home because they are too young for school. While child care services are available, the costs are often beyond their capacity to pay.

The Kentucky’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)1, eligible individuals can receive subsidies which help pay for quality child care services. This addresses the need for single mothers to find a safe place for their kids while they are at work or attending school.

Assistance for Health Care

Opting out of an insurance coverage plan is often the case for single mothers who have insufficient income or no income at all. One of the health insurance programs which Kentucky offers is the Medicaid. It is basically a health care plan which offers needy Kentuckians access to medical care.

But due to eligibility requirements, some may not be able to avail of the program because they earn more than the threshold. For those falling under this category but still do not have enough to pay for quality health plan coverage, there is the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program (KCHIP). This is the government’s intervention which insures children aged 19 and below.


  1. Eligible children must reside in Kentucky with a family whose income does not exceed 150 percent of the federal poverty level. See if your family’s income is within the Family Income Eligibility guidelines. []