Financial Help for Single Mothers in Kansas

The Midwestern State of Kansas also has its share of concerns regarding the plight of single mothers. But special attention is given to those who are having difficulties in making ends meet. Through the implementation of several key programs, the Kansas state government hopes to lessen the burden of single moms.

Aside from filling in the gaps of their living conditions, the programs are aimed at assisting single mothers succeed in life. Help comes in the form of financial assistance and structural support to bridge the gap.

Attention to Healthcare Needs

Single mothers and their children face higher risk of developing diseases because of the lack of proper nutrition. This increases their need to get medical attention. However, quality health care is not possible when they do not have sufficient health insurance coverage.

Kansas sponsors several healthcare support programs for single mothers and related individuals. One of these is the Kansas Health Insurance Association (KHIA) which provides health insurance to Kansas residents who have been denied coverage.

KHIA targets people diagnosed with chronic conditions and helps pay for medical expenses.  Low or very low income single mothers, on other hand can get help from Kansas Medicaid. In the same manner, moderate income single moms may qualify for HealthWave.1

Child Care Support

Between taking care and earning an income, it may be too difficult for single moms to allot sufficient time for both unless childcare support and subsidy is provided. Having childcare subsidy means they can cut back on work hours and spend more time taking care of her child or children.

Under the local government of Kansas, single mothers can apply for the Child Care Subsidy Program. This program prioritizes single-mother families who have insufficient resources. It is a temporary assistance which is given until the beneficiaries are able to pay for the services in full on their own.

Housing Assistance

Living in a decent home is a struggle for single moms and their kids. With insufficient money for food alone, paying for rent and other household utilities becomes more of a challenge. As a result, their families can face the possibility of being homeless.

Finding a safe housing environment for single women and their kids is the main thrust of Kansas’s housing program. Through Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8), Kansas offers financial assistance or rent subsidy that makes it easier for them to afford clean, safe, adequate housing for their families.


  1. To learn more about Kansas Medicaid & HealthWave, please visit: []

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