Financial Help for Single Mothers in Oklahoma

Recession has affected millions of families in the United States and people in Oklahoma are not spared from this economic devastation. This includes single mothers who are already financially-challenged to provide for their kids.

Oklahoma government understands that life can really be a struggle for single-parent families. To make things easier for them, it came up with programs that seek to help single moms and their families.

From childcare to college tuition, the state government takes into consideration every basic need to support and provide a “safety net” for these families.

College Education

A stable future awaits people who have had good education. This is why Oklahoma strives to help single moms achieve financial independence through grants and scholarships.

Grant is a form of cash assistance which can be spent to pay for college matriculation or other needs. It focuses on easing the pressure on single mothers to provide food while studying.

Scholarships, on the other hands, are given to needy but deserving single mothers. These are meant to cover the college tuition fee and allow single moms to spend their income on their family’s needs.

Assistance on Childcare

Single mothers will not be able to work properly at their jobs or perform better in school when besieged by child care issues. Through the Department of Human Services (OKDHS), Oklahoma helps single mothers get the best childcare services for their kids through subsidies. This way, single moms will no longer have to be late or file frequent absences which can immensely affect their earnings.1

Food and Nutrition

The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is one of the ways which the state government of Oklahoma is able to address inadequate food supply experienced by low income families. This works much like a credit card which is recognizes by key establishments in the state.

Through the EBT, single mothers can buy food for their kids. Another thrust of the program is to make sure kids receive proper nutrition. This is also in line with Oklahoma’s implementation of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.


Oklahoma provides health coverage to single mothers and their families through the Medicaid program. This also includes families belonging to the low income group. Assessment is based on one’s financial standing and income sources.

Upon approval, these families can avail medical services such as dental and dentures, hospitalization and laboratory. Medicaid also allows single mothers and their kids to acquire immunization and purchase prescription medicines.


  1. If eligible, OKDHS will pay all or part of your child care costs directly to a licensed and contracted child care provider while you work, attend school or training. You may be required to pay a portion of child care costs based on your household income. Read more… []