Financial Help for Single Mothers in Nebraska

Even though Nebraska has the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the country, the state government nevertheless makes sure that financial assistance is available in a variety of forms for those who are indeed struggling to get by.

The state of Nebraska participates in several federal-initiated programs to help single mothers. But it also has programs of its own that provides further assistance to these individuals as well as to low to no-income families.

Child Care Program

Child care is much of a concern for single mothers as providing for all their needs. With no one left to take care of their kids at home, they are left with no choice but to quit their jobs. While child care service is needed, the cost of keeping one is what deters them from getting a quality child care.

This is where the Department of Human and Health Services in the state of Nebraska intervenes. It extends cash assistance to qualified applicants under a subsidy scheme that helps with the cost of child care.

Food and Nutrition

Food or nourishment is one of the basic necessities alongside shelter and clothing. This is why Nebraska participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as its way of helping single moms put decent food on the table. The SNAP program is in the form of cash support that is given on a regular basis.1

The program uses a debit card which is issued to eligible applicants. It can be used to purchase food and other household items that the family needs. The state also has the WIC program. This is in answer to the needs of pregnant women and mothers with children under five years old.

Healthcare Assistance

For single mothers with little or no income, health care coverage is not among the list of priorities. To address this concern, the state of Nebraska covers qualified applicants with a comprehensive health plan under the Nebraska Medicaid program.

If they qualify, they will receive basic quality medical care such as immunization, hospitalization as well as regular doctor’s visits. For those who did not make the cut, they can rely on the Kids Connection Program of Nebraska that seeks to provide health insurance for their kids age 18 and younger.


  1. The Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) may also be offered in conjunction with the state’s own Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. []

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