Financial Help for Single Mothers in California

It is not surprising that with the population of California, there is also a large percentage of single mothers who find making ends meet an understatement. The recent series of recession that hit the country only made it worst for them.

To help these women stand on their feet, the state government of California has adopted several measures to make life easier for them.

Providing Childcare

California’s CalWORKS is a welfare program that extends financial help to qualified families and single mothers. The assistance is temporary and only meant to support beneficiaries as they transition to better living conditions. In return, parents of participating families are required by the state to join the CalWORKS GAIN.

Food Assistance

Single mothers have different sets of priorities that change according to their current living conditions. This means that they make do with whatever they have. Often, they are unable to provide the proper nutrition to their kids because of the lack of money.

Through the Women, Infant and Children program, California extends help to single mothers with children under the age of five. This program’s aim is to provide the right nutrition to their children which these mothers can not otherwise afford.

Health Care Services

Most times, single mothers would think twice about bringing their children to the hospital or in seeking medical help because they do not have sufficient health care coverage.

With California’s implementation of the Medicaid plan, single moms will no longer hesitate. Under this program, beneficiaries can get quality medical attention such as in-patient hospitalization, dental care, immunization, and x-ray tests.

Rental Assistance

Payment of rent is another hurdle that single mothers need to overcome every month. Once they commit default in rent payment, the possibility of being thrown out of the house faces them and their children.

To prevent this scene, California’s Housing and Community Development1 department works with community leaders and the private sector to come up with housing alternative for its beneficiaries. Rental assistance in the form of cash is also given to single moms to help defray the cost and meet payment schedules.

College Grants

Single mothers who wish to go back to school are given the opportunity to do so through federal-backed programs.

In California, the Student Aid Commission is an organization that guides single moms on where and how to get funding for their college degree. It provides a list of grants and college scholarships that are offered in and around the state.

One notable financial aid is the Cal Grant2 – a need-based grant that have helped many low-income Californians fund their college education.


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  2. Cal Grants are funded by the State of California and administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC). []