Housing Choice Voucher Program for Single Mothers

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) is underscored in Section 8 of the 1937 U.S. Housing Act1 – often simply known as Section 8.

HCVP is one of the housing programs of the federal government that benefits at least 3 million people – in which the recipient pays about 30 percent of their income for rent, while the rest is paid with federal money.

Program recipients are assisted in the payment of their rents as well as basic household utilities to keep their homes running. Payments, however, are made directly to the landlord and to utility companies.

In order to benefit from the program, applicants must meet eligibility requirements such as:

  • They should qualify as a family
  • No outstanding obligations to the Housing Authority
  • Must not have committed felonious violent crimes or any drug related offense within the last four years
  • Qualifying family must not have committed any violation against family obligations while participating in previous HCVP in the last 3 consecutive years.

The program can benefit families with members of 8 to 10 people. In this case, the government extends housing rental assistance between $800 and $925. An annual income of less than $48,650 earned by the family is required.

On the other hand, a couple of people who qualifies as a family can receive $400 to $450 in rental support. Typically, these are single parents, mother or father, with one dependent child. Their income should not be more than $25,800 to be enrolled in the program.

Other factors for eligibility are set by the Housing and Urban Development to conform to special cases involving applicants. These include:

  • People aged 62 years or older
  • Having physical or other forms of disabilities
  • Widow or widower of U.S. Armed Services veterans.

There are some other considerations that the program can take into account. This is to widen the scope of families needing assistance that can benefit immensely from the program.


  1. Government Housing Assistance – these programs aim to relieve the housing burden of low-income families, single parents, older people, and persons with disabilities (regardless of age) []