Nothing is worse than the stress of facing homelessness. With the rising cost of basic necessities like food and clothing, struggling single parents find it difficult to keep “a roof over their heads”.

The federal government offers a wide range of support and assistance aimed to increase home ownership and affordable housing for single mothers.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a ‘Housing Choice Voucher Program‘ for single mothers with low incomes as well as others at-risk populations.1

This makes it easier for them to afford clean, safe, adequate housing for their families. Participants in the program are entitled to find their own place to live, whether it is an apartment, single-family home, or townhouse.

Housing and Community Facilities Programs (HCFP)

The HCFP through the USDA provides rural Americans with various homeownership opportunities. It also has programs for home repairs and renovations, designed to make the residence a safer and more comfortable place.2

Through the HCFP, financing is provided to very low-income single family homes, the elderly, the disabled and others living in multi-unit housing within rural areas.

Public Housing Agencies (PHA) Plan

Public Housing Agencies (PHA) provide housing grants for single mothers, in the form of subsidies. The money is paid directly to the landlord and the recipient pays the difference. Currently, nearly 1.2 million subsidies have been utilized to help single mothers in need throughout the country secure a decent home.

Family Unification Program

Direct payments for designated uses are provided through the Family Unification Program. This program delivers aid to families separated or facing separation due to a lack of adequate housing. The vouchers provided through this program may be used to secure housing within the private rental market.

Rental Assistance Program

Rental Assistance boasts the largest housing assistance network with over 3,000 government and non-profit agencies in its database; each with its own eligibility rules and conditions. Many of these organizations not only help single mothers and the elderly but those considered with low incomes who need housing assistance and rental support.

CoAbode Single Mothers House Sharing

CoAbode offers a unique “match-making” service to provide single mothers the opportunity to share housing with another single mother of their choosing; halving the cost of rent and overhead expenses and freeing up the much needed resources.

Beside providing them with affordable housing opportunities, CoAbode also provides specialized support groups, educational scholarships, community outreach and involvement designed to make parenting a child alone a lot easier.

To find affordable housing, you may also contact your state’s Housing Finance Agency at or locate rental assistance programs available in your state.


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