Financial Help for Single Mothers in Florida

Financial stability is a challenging objective but one that the state of Florida wants its single mothers to achieve. Through the initiation of state and in support of several federal programs, the Florida state government reaches out to these women to help them attain self-reliance.

With self-reliance, the state is assured that they can stand on their own feet and provide the best for their families. It may be a long journey for most but the state of Florida is always ready and available to tend to their needs.

Childcare Support

Through the Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), single moms can use the financial assistance to pay for childcare services. The need for dependable childcare providers comes at a price that is often beyond their financial capacity.

The state, through the implementation of TCA, is able to help single mothers concentrate on earning a living and have the peace of mind. Knowing that someone takes good care of their kids, can definitely take the load off.

Access to Quality Healthcare

Healthcare costs continue to increase which leads to the decrease in the number of people affording insurance coverage. Single mothers are not spared from this crisis. When one thinks about it, these are the people who are most in need of healthcare coverage.

Florida offers health insurance coverage to qualified single mothers and families through the Medicaid plan. Beneficiaries enjoy quality medical attention that they could not otherwise afford. The state also offers Medikids which aims to insure families with kids under the age of 5.1

Grants for Education

Single mothers understand that they have a better chance of providing for the needs of their children if they have high paying jobs. The only way to achieve this is if they have substantial technical capacity that can only be obtained through education.

But with family responsibilities in the way, a college education may seem a far-fetched idea. The state of Florida strives to turn this into reality.

The state’s Student Financial Assistance Office is the agency in charge of matching single women with state-funded grants in their quest to earn a degree. This office administers different educational scholarship and grants.

Rent Assistance

Florida’s Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program (EFAHP) extends financial assistance to single-mother families who can use the money to pay for rent or to look for an apartment. The cash support is temporary in nature but is good enough to help these women and their children find a safe and ideal place to live in.


  1. MediKids is not an entitlement program. Families may pay a $15 or $20 monthly premium per household, depending on income. []