Mother’s day is a very special day for many of us. Moms play an important role that brings them near and dear to the hearts of many people.

Single mothers, however, are often underappreciated by society at large.

We have groups portraying single mothers as ‘subhuman’ when compared to their married counterparts and should be denied rights that are inalienable to their married counterparts.

The most recent high-profile individual is Senator Rick Santorum, who accused them of “simply breeding more criminals” and destroying “the fabric of this country.

No, single moms are NOT less than married moms – or any other human being for that matter.

Hollywood and right-wing politicians portray single motherhood as a source of crime, intolerance and all that nasty stuff that they label all single mothers with. Sure, not all single moms are perfect, but neither is the rest of humanity.

So this blog post is a shout-out to all single mothers out there.

To those tireless, ever-ready heroes who give their all just to give themselves and their children a better shot at life. To those dedicated single parents who spent (and still spend) countless nights watching over their young offspring while preparing for the next day’s two-three jobs. To those pressured single-parent students who can manage to cram work, school and family care all into twenty-four short hours a day and still have time to do the dishes.

You are true American heroes – standing up and shouldering epic burdens in a society that looks down on you. Very few people will appreciate you for the things you do or support you through the troubles you face, but your children see all that you do.

And trust me when I see that they will remember everything – from the littlest goodnight kiss to the sometimes strict lessons on what’s right and wrong.

So a very happy mother’s day to you all, and here’s to hoping that single moms get a special day dedicated all to their heroic, selfless efforts to raise children on their own!

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