As a way to provide a better living for the family, single mothers are heading back to school for degrees that will help them improve their future. However, with little finances at their disposal, single parents need assistance if they are to pay for school.

Recognizing the need to provide financial aid for single mothers who want to further their education, the federal government, private companies, and non-profit women’s organizations award grants and scholarships for financially strapped single parents.1

The good thing is, neither a scholarship nor a college grant requires repayment and this makes both options great for single mothers and cash-strapped students.

One of the best-known federal grants is the Pell Grant – special fund for low-income students to attend college.

Scholarships vs Grants

What makes scholarship differ from grant is the criteria used to determine who receives the money. In most cases, a grant has financial need at its core, while a scholarship may be awarded based on merit, talent, major, ethnicity, etc.

To apply for a federal grant, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, form. This document can be completed online or in paper format. When filling out the form, you designate which schools you’d want to attend to. From there, the chosen school will determine if you’re eligible or how much money will be granted.

In the case scholarship, you don’t need to fall into a certain income bracket to qualify for. Just be proactive, apply to every scholarship you qualify for, and apply well in advance of deadlines.

Even if you are ineligible for free grants or scholarships, you may receive financial aid in the form of federal student loans as these usually offer lower interest rates & better repayment schemes than private loans.


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