Financial Help for Single Mothers in Michigan

The state of Michigan understands that life is never easy for single mothers. In fact, it is as if life is doubly hard for them all the way. There is just no respite from the countless problems that continue to shoot up every now and then.

For single mothers every day is a struggle. They take care of their kids, try to earn a decent living and take on the roles of both parents. In the middle of it all, Michigan creates an easier road for single mothers through government-initiated programs.

Food Assistance

Even the barest of necessities is hard to come by for single mothers. They struggle daily to provide nutritious food or at the least, a decent meal. Under Michigan’s Family Independence Program (FIP)1, single moms are granted temporary assistance in the form of cash. The program is specially intended for families with children and expectant mothers.

Another food program that targets pregnant women is WIC. It also benefits mothers and single parents with children under the age of five. Like WIC and the FIP program, Michigan also has the Food Assistance Program (FAP). Cash assistance from this program can be used by beneficiaries to purchase food and other household items.

Childcare Support

Michigan’s Department of Human Services handles the concern of working single women with regards to their children. Kids who are too young to attend school need quality care in the absence of their mothers. Because such service can be too much for low income single moms, they are often forced to stop seeking employment or absent themselves frequently from work.

To help them pursue more productive endeavors, Michigan State offers the Child Development and Care Program (more). It is a state-subsidized payment for child care services. This way, single moms can afford to seek and pay for quality child care without putting a dent on their budget.

College Education

What keeps single mothers from landing better paying jobs is their lack of educational degree. For employed moms, they are stuck with a non-gratifying company position for years unless they do something about it.

The state of Michigan opens opportunities to these individuals by linking them with academic institutions and other educational aid programs. Particularly, the state’s Student Financial Aid Department¬†that administers state funded scholarship and grant programs and provides students with funds from federal scholarship programs.2


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  2. Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG) provides a “one-stop-shop” for the administration of Michigan’s scholarship and grant programs. []

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