Financial Help for Single Mothers in Georgia

Single mothers in the state of Georgia can breathe easy because there are the state programs to help them get through life. When economic hardships befall, single moms and their families feel the brunt all too much.

State assistance programs in Georgia are geared towards assisting single mothers achieve self-sufficiency. These cover the different facets of life and problems that single parents deal with on a daily basis.

Childcare Services

Single mothers need to work to support their kids and this could mean leaving them ‘unsupervised’ with no one to take good care of them. The childcare services cost money and single moms simply do not have much disposal income to avail them.

Through Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services, children who are not old enough for school are provided with quality childcare. The state subsidizes the service costs while the recipient shoulders the rest.

Healthcare Assistance

For many single mothers, health care coverage is not among the list of priorities because of the lack of money. So through the state’s Medicaid program, these women can stick to their list and let the government provide for quality medical attention for their children.

Medicaid eligibility meets stringent requirements. For single mothers who do not make the cut, they can depend on Georgia’s PeachCare for Kids program that seeks to provide health insurance for their kids.

Nutritional Assistance

Among the basic necessities that is sacrificed when living an impoverished life is food. For single mothers, this is an unavoidable consequence of their meager income. To help with their situation, the state of Georgia offers food stamps to low income and single-parent families. These stamps serve as their tickets to nutritious food which their small income cannot cover.

College Education Assistance

To realize their dream of financial stability, single moms must attain a good education. But limited resources prevent them from doing so as well as their responsibilities over their kids. There are many options available to single mothers who want to pursue higher education or go through college and earn a degree.

In the state of Georgia, single mothers are offered assistance through the Student Finance Commission. This agency is administers several programs that are related to providing affordable to free college education to qualified applicants.

One of which is the Georgia HOPE Program – a unique scholarship and grant program for residents of Georgia who are attending eligible colleges or universities in state of Georgia. Full-time enrollment is not required, but you must be making satisfactory academic progress to maintain eligibility.

Rental Assistance

Single mothers can find it difficult to pay for rent when besieged with several other financial problems. This is why the state offers support programs to help single moms and their children have a safe and comfortable place to dwell. This includes assistance from HUD and the Housing Choice Voucher Program.