There is still a decent amount of government aid out there for healthcare, but almost all of it is only for low-income families. What about the just-above-low-income families that earn too much for healthcare aid but earn too little to pay for their own insurance?

If you live in Arizona, then you could seek out the Wellcare Foundation to gain access to free laboratory services, free x-rays and even free services from healthcare providers.

“The first year we had 30 practitioners who volunteered for free and now we have 150 and five clinic sites,” says Wellcare founder Merge Ebeling.

The foundation itself is a non-profit organization that provides primary healthcare to single mothers, funded by both individual and corporate sponsors. It was first established in 1999 and offers healthcare aid for single, working mothers that do not receive state assistance but do not earn enough to personally pay for health insurance and/or health care.

To date, the Wellcare Foundation has already provided more than $3 million in healthcare assistance.

This is a blessing for many hardworking single moms that have a hard enough time making ends meet – never mind the additional burden of healthcare costs. The best part is that Wellcare focuses not just on treatment but prevention as well. The multitude of practitioners in the foundation allows moms to receive holistic care that helps them identify and work with risk-factors like poor diet and excessive stress.

If you live in Arizona and are interested in what Wellcare has to offer, simply fill out the eligibility form and see if you qualify. Remember: single, working and not receiving government aid.

Do note that the Wellcare Foundation does not provide services for ER care, surgery, hospitalization, psychiatry, walk-in services, obstetrics, prenatal care, health insurance or prescription meds – at least according to a page on their site.

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