Chances are you’re slogging to put food on the table and get your kids to school on time. Retirement then becomes something so far off that it’s unimaginable, especially since money is in very short supply right now.

But like it or not, you will eventually have to plan for your retirement.

A recent article from Forbes1 will help you better understand a thing or two most moms don’t know about Social Security:

1. You can collect more by delaying your retirement benefits

If you can hold off collecting your retirement checks for just eight years, then you will actually be able to collect 76% more at age 70 than if you immediately took your benefits at 62. Couple that with the income you make up to the day you retire and you will have a substantially larger cache of post-retirement benefits at your disposal – assuming you live long enough to enjoy the benefits.

2. Divorced spouses can collect spousal benefits

You can take out retirement benefits on each other’s work benefits even if you’re divorced. The benefits also stack up if the both of you wait later to collect the benefits, but the both of you will automatically collect benefits if one of you collects prematurely.

3. There are no benefits to waiting past 70

There is a limit to put off collecting your retirement benefits. Waiting beyond that would be pointless so collect your benefits as soon as you hit 70, although the full delayed credit will only show up on January of the year after you turn 70.

4. Failing the earnings test means you get more at 70

If you earn too much to qualify for early collection of Social Security benefits, then the months you lost benefits will be counted towards delayed retirement credit. This works the same as delaying your benefits, so don’t worry about them if you choose to work and earn a lot of money from 62 up until you hit 70.

5. Child benefits can still be collected even when you’re retired

If you adopted or had children at the later stage in your life, they can collect benefits even as you are collecting your retirement benefits.


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