Financial Help for Single Mothers in Minnesota

It’s quite a challenge for single mothers to shoulder the responsibility of parenting on their own but oftentimes, they can barely survice on one income. From time to time, they also need help.

In fact, they need all the help they can get because raising a child without a partner can be both stressful and challenging. Good thing for these women in Minnesota, the state recognizes their needs and is offering the much needed financial assistance.

Childcare Support

When managing with just one income, single mothers always have to make sure that do not lose sight of their jobs. It is very crucial to earn a living but one drawback of such is that it often requires them to be away from their children for definite periods of time daily or on a regular basis. This is where the importance of childcare assistance comes in.

Single mothers in Minnesota can apply for the state’s Child Care Assistance Program to get help or subsidy in covering expenses for childcare assistance. Through this, they can be away without worrying if their children are safe and happy. Another similar program is the Minnesota Family Investment Program intended for low income and single-parent families.

Healthcare Assistance

Medical services and rates can really go up and drain a person’s money. This is very troubling concern for many single mothers since children always needs some constant healthcare assistance for their growth and development. Likewise, emergency situations can really be damaging to the pocket as well.

For health care assistance, single mothers can apply for the MinnesotaCare program as well as TEFRA which supports children with disabilities. For other possible healthcare support, visit or inquire at the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Food and Supplies

Putting food to the pantry or the table can be tough for only single mothers with only one income. They may sometimes find it hard to make sure to make ends meet. The good about the state of Minnesota is that it provides a range of help programs to make sure that they can put food on their table constantly to some extent.

For instance, there is the Minnesota Food Assistance Program (MFAP). This program helps single moms purchase healthy foods by giving cash assistance. In the same manner, the Health Department of Minnesota is also offering the Woman, Infants and Children program (WIC). This program gives out vouchers which they can use to procure healthy food products.

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