Federal Loan

Federal PLUS Loan

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According to the Federal Student Aid, the PLUS loan is a type of federal loan that parents (with good credit) may apply to help pay their child’s education expenses. However, if you are a graduate student or one with a professional degree, you may personally apply for this loan to cover tuition, books, supplies, housing… Read more »

Federal Perkins Loan

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The Federal Perkins loan – often referred to as “campus-based aid” -┬áis a low-interest loan specifically designed for cash-strapped students requiring financial assistance to pay for their postsecondary education. Unlike the Federal Stafford loan and Parent PLUS loan, the Federal Perkins Loan comes from federal coffers but is made through a school’s financial aid office… Read more »

Federal Stafford Loan

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According to the Student Loan Network, the Federal Stafford Loan is one of the many types of federal student loans designed to provide financial aid for both students in colleges and universities. If you are a single mother hoping to resume your education in spite of financial constraints, the Federal Stafford loan may just be… Read more »

Federal Student Loans for Single Mothers

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Paying for school is not easy on a couple, but it can be nearly impossible for a single parent to find the money to pay tuition and other college expenses. While scholarships and grants can help, often they’re not enough to cover the expense of college. Taking out a loan is one available option for… Read more »