Still lollygagging with your Free Application for Federal Student Aid? You had better hurry – the priority deadline for FAFSA is on March 1.

If you were caught unaware of this deadline, then you are not alone. A significant number of students were not aware that March 1 was the deadline, while some students were totally unaware that a “priority deadline” even existed for FAFSA applications.

Another common mistake that students make when it comes to their FAFSAs is actually forgetting to follow it up.

Barbara Peterson from the financial aid office of the Florida Gulf Coast University says that applying for the FAFSA is “useless” if you don’t follow up on your application. If a student is selected for verification there’s more paperwork to submit to the financial aid office before an award can be made.

The sheer number of applicants and the shrinking funds for student aid make for a highly competitive environment. Those who submit their papers early get a shot at getting to the money early-on, while those coming in late may find themselves receiving the bare minimum assistance, if any at all.

This is, however, not the end of the world for you. You still have a shot at gaining access to federal money as long as you hand in your FASA on time. Even when FAFSA season passes by, there are still ways to secure educational assistance.

It may be a bit harder to find this assistance once FAFSA season is over, but working with the financial aid offices of your university and approaching non-government organizations for extra funding could get you a lucky shot.

In the meantime, HURRY UP WITH YOUR FAFSA WHILE IT STILL ISN’T MARCH 1 YET! With more students vying for aid, the last thing you want is to eliminate yourself by missing a deadline.

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