Financial Help for Single Mothers in Texas

Single mothers in Texas can expect help from their state government through several funding and support programs. These are all geared at making life easier and better for these women and their children.

Life is doubly hard for single moms because they need to take on the roles of both parents. They need to fend for their kids as well as for themselves.

But with limited resources and income opportunity, kids suffer in the process. State programs for single mothers seek to address these inadequacies from financial to medical needs.

Health Services

The Medicaid plan is widely implemented in the state of Texas. This plan gives low income families and single mothers access to quality medical attention. The Medicaid plan in this state is actually the general description for several other healthcare programs.

There are several requirements that applicants need to pass before benefiting from the program. If single mothers fail to qualify, they can enroll their kids in an alternative healthcare solution which is the Children Health Insurance Program.

College Education for Single Moms and Kids

Through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, single mothers and their kids who are old enough to attend college can receive scholarship grants. This program encourages these women to finish a degree or pursue higher education to increase their technical capacity for better jobs.

The scholarship for kids is offered to deserving students from needy families. This way, the Texas government stops the cycle of illiteracy and provides a brighter future to children of single mothers and needy families.

Nutrition and Bare Necessities

Texas also implements the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Through this program, poor families and single mothers can benefit from the cash assistance that is given each month. This comes in the form of a card aptly called the Lone Star1 which can be used to buy food and other items that the family needs.

Card bearers only need to present the card when making a purchase in participating supermarkets and grocery stores in this state. Families that are undergoing emergency crisis can also avail of the emergency cash assistance from the Texas government amounting to $1,000.

Public Transport

It is a big thing for single mothers to get free ride to and from work courtesy of the state government of Texas. This is especially true for those who cannot afford a car to drive themselves to their job. The money that could have been spent for gas or taxi can be used on more important things like food and medical services.


  1. The Texas Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system uses the Lone Star Card (a magnetic-stripe plastic debit card) to provide access to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food benefits and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits. []