Election season is coming around, and politicians are running off their mouths with various attractive and sweet-sounding solutions to our countries various woes. You know – the usual election drivel.

Subsidies and grants are only band-aid solutions to the bigger problem. They provide immediate relief, but they even hurt all of us when we start depending on them to survive on a daily basis. And besides, federal and state organizations are quickly running out of funds to sustain such programs.

What America needs is a sustainable, low-cost solution that has been proven to lift vurnerable families – children and their single mothers – out of poverty. The solution here is a two-generation educational approach.

Jeremiah ProgramThe core philosophy behind this approach is simple: cultivate life skills, obtain job training and grant educational opportunities to both mother and child.

This is basically how the Jeremiah Program – a nonprofit organization with a mission of eradicating poverty – has done since 1998.

And the results are startling.

How Jeremiah Program Helps Single Mothers

Single moms apply & enter the program earning an average of $8.39 an hour in dead-end jobs, but they leave it earning $15-$16 an hour along with opportunities for career advancement. 90% of the program graduates maintain their employment, 55% continue on to acquire a four-year degree and 95% of all mother graduates in the program report that their children perform well in school.

Program of this kind will grant single mothers opportunities they would never have had before. This is especially important, since 40.7% of single parent households are struggling below the poverty line – the majority being single-mother families.

The best part is that the program requires only $25,000 a year per family. That sounds like a lot, until you compare the expenses incurred by the government when it deals with welfare support and punitive measures when those who are unemployed resort to crime.

These measures can cost the American taxpayer as much as $98,000 per family, per year. Better to spend less and produce a happy, successful family than spend more only to punish those who cannot see a better future for themselves.

Now if only Democrats and Republicans would stop bashing each other and realize the importance of this two-generational approach.

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