Men are more rapidly gaining jobs than women in California, with pundits calling the phenomenon an economic ‘he-covery.

Lack of gender sensitivity aside, this issue is something that single moms across the country need to be completely aware of. Is this phenomenon something that has real roots in the nature of the jobs opening up in the market, or is it another case of chauvinism rearing its ugly head in an economically challenged environment?

The Women’s Foundation of California funded the report, called “Falling Behind.” The results of the report have led the Foundation to get more female lawmakers into office in order to help change this disturbing trend. After the November election, however, it looks like less than a quarter of the Legislature will be composed of women.

The report concludes that budget cuts have made it even more difficult for women in the poverty zone to rise up from their situation. This isn’t just about welfare or food stamps, but job training and housing as well. Things look to get worse as Governor Jerry Brown proposes even more cuts targeting welfare and subsidized childcare.

And let’s not forget the rising cost of college education. Tuition fees are slowly ramping up as the government winds down on federal student aid, making it even more difficult for single moms with kids to find well-paying jobs for themselves. Add to that the dwindling childcare subsidies and you have a recipe for inescapable homelessness.

Sad to say, it looks like this situation will continue on for a number of years. The economy is recovering at a snail’s pace, while both state and federal governments are all tightening their purse strings. The only practical thing single moms can do right now is to prioritize childcare in order to focus on training and finding jobs that pay enough to cover the bills.

This is one of those times that single mothers need grit their teeth and work as hard as they can to survive. Waiting around for the government to do anything will only cause more anger and disappointment.

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