The current economic condition of our country isn’t exactly one where you can easily find a job that pays off all the bills quick and easy. It is especially difficult for single moms (and dads) that have to worry about providing not just for their own welfare but that of their children as well.

Now that state support for child care has been significantly eroded, we can expect single mothers to lose support from the government when they need this support the most. These cuts take many forms, from lower income ceilings to endless waiting lists. Day care providers that take in poor children even have their reimbursement rates slashed.

There have been some rather creative responses to these situations, with some parents choosing to have their salaries cut to continue receiving welfare or scaling back work hours to reduce the time children spend in day care. The worst case scenario, however, is when they choose to stop working and instead rely on welfare.

I know money’s tight all around, but cutting off families this way just isn’t good for us all. Parents lose out because work is no longer enough to finance their family. Children lose out because they grow up under the shadow of poverty. Businesses lose out because nobody has extra money to spend. The government loses out because more unemployed families are running to welfare. And let’s see how high crime rates will get if the government elects to cut off welfare to these desperate families.

In short, everybody loses.

Those affected by these cuts will eventually find some way to cope with them, but the government really has to start looking long and hard at the long-term effect of its budget cuts.

Unless we start bringing in assistance for low-income families and give them a bright future ahead of them, we will quickly find ourselves with a generation of children that know only how to live on a paycheck and nothing more.

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